About UK AP

We are an sub division of Bay Images Photography, we initially invested in UAVs for using at weddings to add an extra angle to wedding group shots and venue images.

Eastwell Manor

It very quickly became apparent that this was just the tip of the iceberg of their usage and therefore a dedicated site was needed.

We have been professional photographers since 2008 mainly in the wedding and portrait industry, but in 2015 investing in the required CAA training and equipment to bring an affordable UAV service to our clients.

We are fully CAA approved and fully insured to carry out aerial work commercially. (Certificates available on request).

We currently fly a DJI F550 fully GPS enabled platform, carrying a 4K high resolution camera mounted on a 3 axis gimbal for unparalleled steady images in it’s class.

We can shoot ultra high-resolution, high frame rate 4K 30fps, 2.7K 50fps and 1080p 120fps video from which we can capture high resolution stills or we can capture high-quality 12MP photos at speeds up to 30 fps; the choice is yours, but we tend to shoot video and then capture the stills.